Diversity & Inclusion Coaching Center

Coaching Opportunities

Diversity and Inclusion coaching for D&I practitioners.

The Forum on Workplace Inclusion offers one-on-one coaching/consulting sessions at the conference. NEW option: Pairing your onsite coaching with a post-conference coaching session.

Register today – coaching appointments are limited.

D&I Coaching Center Hours

April 10, 2018

9:00am – 5:00pm

April 11, 2018

8:00am – 5:30pm

April 12, 2018

8:00am – 12:45pm

Increase your conference ROI with outcome-focused assistance you can apply when returning to the workplace.

  • One-to-one (one-to-work team) coaching/consulting
  • Confidential: Private coaching room. All experts have signed a confidentiality agreement
  • Service: Outcome-focused support tailored to your specific D&I needs
  • Coach Faculty: Chief Diversity Officers, D&I/HR leaders, conference speakers, multicultural talent acquisition and management experts and executive coaches

Our faculty have coached more than 300 D&I leaders/practitioners from over 50 major corporations and organizations at the conference. The faculty list appears at the bottom of the page.

New Coaching Options


1 Session

Coaching session at the conference (included with your registration)


2 Sessions

One coaching session at the Conference. One post-conference follow-up virtual coaching session with your individually matched coach (additional fee of $50.00 is required).

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What Attendees Are Saying

“The D&I coaching service exceeded my expectations. My coach was a true subject matter expert and I left the session with actionable strategies specific to the challenges I had in moving our program forward.”

“I have been in the D&I space for over 10 years. Having the opportunity to collaborate with a senior leader who understands my issues was a highlight of this conference.”

“My executive coach was outstanding in helping me navigate the unique challenges of being a Diversity and Inclusion leader.”

“Our D&I program would not have progressed as quickly without a follow-up coaching session to address questions that subsequently arose and the feedback on our implementation.”

Who is Eligible?
  • All conference attendees
  • D&I professionals and leaders
  • Talent acquisition professionals
  • Managers, supervisors or professionals seeking D&I guidance and/or who manage diverse talent
D&I Management Coaching
  • Strategy and Execution
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Onboarding
  • Employee Engagement
  • Employee Development/Upward Mobility/Advancement
  • Measuring D&I
  • Compliance
  • Discrimination
  • Achieving Cultural Dexterity in the Workplace
Executive & Leadership Coaching
  • Managing your D&I Role
  • Self-Management
  • Leadership Development
  • Career Management
  • Navigating Competing Demands
  • Expectations vs. Resources
  • Generating Support
  • Addressing Push Back
  • Other D&I Needs You Have
How it Works
  • Check YES during conference registration and select your coaching option.
  • Pre-Conference Consultation: A program leader will contact you to discuss your needs, scheduling options and the coach match process.
  • You will be notified before the conference of your coach match and scheduled coach/consultant appointment.
  • Arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled one-hour confidential session at the conference.
  • Post-conference follow-up coaching will be scheduled between April 15 – June 30, 2018.

Meet The Forum’s Premier 2017 Faculty

2018 Faculty Coming Soon

Nichole Barnes Marshall; Global Head of Diversity & Inclusion; AON Corporation

Rose Mary Bombala-Tobias; Principal; Global Diversity Solutions Group

Jennifer Brown; Founder, President & CEO; Jennifer Brown Consulting

Wesley Combs; Principal; Combs Advisory Services

Jeffrey Cookson; Manager, Intercultural Learning & Development; Language & Culture Worldwide, LLC

Lois Cooper, ACC; Practice Leader, Human Capital Solutions; LMH Strategics, Inc.

Deb Dagit; President; Deb Dagit Diversity, LLC

Shirley Davis, PhD; President and CEO; SDS Global Enterprises, Inc.

Rosanna Durruthy; Chief Diversity Officer; Cigna

Kevin England, PhD; Senior Consultant, Jennifer Brown Consulting

Bernardo Ferdman, PhD; Principal and Distinguished Professor; Ferdman Consulting

Solskin Gomez-Krogh; Executive Director; United Neighborhood Organization

Tonya Hampton; Senior Director, Diversity, Inclusion and Engagement; HealthPartners

Jill Houghton; Executive Director; USBLN

Jane Hyun, Founder and President, Global Leadership Strategy; Hyun & Associates, Inc. Leadership Consulting

Diane Krieman; Inclusive Diversity Senior Manager; Allstate

Janice Little; VP of Diversity & Inclusion and Chief Diversity Officer; McKesson

Akiko Maeker; Managing Partner & Principal Coach; Interculturalist

Paul Maeker; Founding Partner, Director of Training; Interculturalist

Murray Mann, Principal, Global Diversity Solutions Group LLC / International Coach Federation

Allison Manswell; Senior Consultant; Cook Ross

Pamela McElvane, CEO & Publisher; Diversity MBA, A P&L Group Brand

Kelli McMiller; SVP of Consulting; The Kaleidoscope Group

Martita Mestey; Partner, Diversity Practice; Jobplex

Francesca Molinaro; Founder and Principal; Decode Leadership

Farzana Nayani; Director of Client Engagement; Language & Culture Worldwide, LLC

Adela Peña; Chief Learning Officer; Global Diversity Solutions Group LLC

Neddy Perez; Principal; D&I Creative Solutions

Dot Proux; Executive Consultant; Kaleidoscope

Jorge Quezada; Director Leadership Development, Diversity & Inclusion; Northwestern Mutual

Texanna Reeves; Executive Director Global Diversity & Inclusion; Merck

Margaret Regan; President & CEO; The FutureWork Institute

Howard Ross; Founder and Chief Learning Officer; Cook Ross, Inc.

Sara Taylor; President; deepSEE Consulting

Rosalyn Taylor O’Neele; Principale Consult, CDO Campbell Soup; Cook Ross Inc.

Minjon Tholen; Senior Consultant; Cook Ross Inc.

Leslie Traub; Chief Consulting Officer; Cook Ross Inc.

Ilene Wasserman; President Lead Executive Coach; ICW Consulting Group Wharton School

Maria Arcocha White; Founder and CEO; Inclusity

Mary-Frances Winters; President & CEO; The Winters Group

Patti Yaritz; Diversity Talent Acquisition Leader and Account Manager; US Road Warriors

Isaias Zamaripa; VP of Diversity Talent Acquisition Practice; Kaleidoscope Group