Adela V. Peña

Adela V. Peña

Chief Learning Officer

Company: Intercultural Workplace
Role: Session Presenter Session: Adopt an Every Human Interaction is Intercultural℠ Mindset to Engage All Stakeholders in Building Fully Inclusive Workplaces

Adela Peña, MEd, CCMC, JCTC is a nationally respected thought leader, catalyst and change agent in driving cultural agility in the workforce and academia. She is Chief Learning Officer and Co-Innovation Officer of Intercultural Workplace, a division of Global Diversity Solutions Group, LLC. Prior to joining Intercultural Workplace, Adela pioneered best-in-class culturally relevant services for major universities, professional associations and corporate recruiters. Her stewardship includes 18 years in higher education as Assistant Director for Career Services, providing career coaching and program development for underserved multicultural, and international students.

Adela has as served as a Director of the Diversity & Inclusion Coaching Center for the Forum on Workplace Inclusion and led Career Services Centers for the Association of Latinos for America, National Society of Hispanic MBA’s, ASCEND Pan Asian Leaders, National Association of African Americans in Human Resources and other major organizations.

Adela groundbreaking work has been presented at the International Coach Federation, National Association of Colleges and Employers, DePaul University Diversity & Inclusion in A Global World. She earned her MEd in Instructional Design with a Concentration in Adult Education, and Cross-Cultural Communication, Certified Career Management Coach (CCMC) and Job Search and Career Transition Coach (JCTC).

You can find more about Adela on her LinkedIn.