Pamela McElvane

Pamela McElvane

CEO & Publisher

Company: Diversity MBA
Role: Session Presenter  /  Webinar Presenter Sessions: The Skinny on Diverse Slates: Current Best Practice Insights  |   Diversity Recruitment Bootcamp (SEM-B)  |   Current Best Practice Trends in Developing Talent Pipeline

Created DMBA Inclusive Leadership Index that has more than 30,000 insights on talent management and, diversity & inclusion strategies. This index has collected data for more than a decade. More than 600 companies’ participation on an annual basis. Pam McElvane is the founder of this platform and is able to identify Best and Leading practices on all aspects of Talent Management.

Pam McElvane is a thought leader in the diversity and inclusion space and has published white papers on how women and people of color are developed, retained and advanced in Fortune 500 companies and large organizations.

Pam McElvane also has worked with many large organizations helping them develop process and systems that will align accountability to effectively manage diverse slate process. She knows the gaps that prevents companies from achieving targeted outcomes, so she supports the process to get them to expected results.

Under Pam McElvane’s leadership she has launched Diversity Recruitment Bootcamp to training recruiters and hiring manages on how to effectively source, retain an advance talent.