Addressing Workplace Unconscious Bias through Artificial Intelligence (AI)

3-hour Seminars

Day 1

Session Code: SEM-C
When: April 10, 2018
Location/Room: M 100 H
Level: Intermediate
Track: Innovation & Transformation
Presenters: Tiffany Jana, TMI Consulting, Inc.  |  Riikka Salonen, BCT Partners  |  Milgo Yonis, TMI Consulting Inc. / Loom Technologies Inc.


This seminar explores the intersections between artificial intelligence (AI) and diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). The emergent technology industry has introduced new tools to the multibillion-dollar DEI market to reduce unconscious bias in hiring and workplace practices. During this session, participants will experience virtual demonstrations to familiarize themselves with these various tools and understand the ROI pertaining to the tool utilization.

AI-based bias correction algorithms can score and rank candidates for jobs, irrespective of socio-economic class, race, ethnicity, gender, and disabilities. AI provides a tool to hold managers accountable for documenting a justification for any hire or promotion that reflects affinity bias. AI can set notification alerts encouraging managers to offer opportunities for those who may be otherwise overlooked.

Organizational culture and engagement can also be mapped by using machine-learning techniques. These technologies can play a major role in building equal opportunity and equity for diverse professionals across their employee life cycle, and in pivoting the organizational climate toward inclusion.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify artificial intelligence tools and understand their capacity to transform a biased organizational culture toward inclusion.
  • Critically analyze the return-on-investment benefits, challenges, and risks associated with these tools.
  • Create a plan demonstrating how any organization may utilize these tools in the workplace.

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