Adopt an Every Human Interaction is Intercultural℠ Mindset to Engage All Stakeholders in Building Fully Inclusive Workplaces

20-minute Spotlight Sessions

Day 3

Session Code: Spotlight 12
When: April 12, 2018
Location/Room: Marketplace Spotlight Stage
Presenters: Murray A. Mann, Intercultural Workplace  |  Adela V. Peña, Intercultural Workplace


How do we bridge the gap to engage all members of our workplaces to transform organizations into becoming fully inclusive cultures?

Try adapting the “Every Human Interaction is Intercultural℠” model to connect the dots in your organization to change the conversation, change the mindset, change the engagement, change the culture.

In true TED style, you will see and experience the following:

  • Every individual is multicultural, possessing many cultural identities.
  • Every human interaction is intercultural, intersectional, and contextual.
  • Leverage the shared human need for authenticity and belonging.
  • Build on our common connections and develop a shared meaning around our cultural identities (gender, gender identity, generation, race, ethnicity, abilities, age, faith, introversion/extroversion, etc.).
  • Infuse this three-dimensional mindset to develop inclusive behaviors and intercultural agility within people and processes.

You will receive a handout on the model, applications, and resources.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand what it means to be multicultural, that everyone has many cultural identities, and how every human interaction is multicultural, intersectional, and contextual.
  • Understand how adopting the Intercultural model and mindset is important to building inclusive behaviors, intercultural agility, and inclusive workplaces.
  • Take concepts, applications, and resources back to the workplace.

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