Allies Unite! Sparking Dialogue and Commitment to Support the LGBT Community in a Virtual Environment

60-minute Stretch Workshops

Day 2

Session Code: S3-A
When: April 11, 2018
Location/Room: 101 F
Level: Intermediate
Track: Innovation & Transformation
Presenters: Colleen Bittner, Progressive Insurance  |  Gretchen Snediker, Progressive Insurance


Since Progressive’s LGBT ERG was established in 2008, they’ve influenced workplace policies/benefits, and engaged communities via involvement in celebrations such as Pride. However, they struggled to reach a 31,000-person organization, with employees in all 50 states, to achieve a sense of community and commitment. Their goal was to find ways to reach employees in all locations, delve deep into conversations about the LGBT community, expand their influence beyond their ERG, and create allyship across the organization.

From their “Going There” series, to a remote ambassador program, to their virtual ally campaign, this innovative ERG will share a model for engagement, partnership, and initiating dialogue that included leaders up through the CEO, and employees nationwide. The session will provide a framework for developing a virtual LGBT engagement program, share key lessons learned and “must do’s”, and provide tips to develop partnerships that expand your program’s reach.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Gain insights into how to open and facilitate a respectful conversation about the LGBT community with a virtual audience.
  • Discover new tools and resources for creating an effective and engaging virtual ally campaign.
  • Learn best practices for partnerships to expand the influence of your LGBT initiatives.

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Photos by Sarah Morreim Photography
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