Building Tomorrow Today: Strategies for the Future Workforce

90-minute Workshops

Day 2

Session Code: S4-F
When: April 11, 2018
Location/Room: 101 HIJ
Level: Advanced
Track: D&I Strategy
Presenters: Katrina North, EY Australia  |  David Ko, RFI Asia
Prerequisite: A case study and reflection questions will be provided.


To survive and thrive in the future, organizations will need to navigate the changing nature of both work and the workforce, and must be prepared to fundamentally change the way they operate.

The future workforce composition will necessitate a radical transformation from the present, taking into account (1) the shift in experience and knowledge (from traditional business graduates to STEM grads and “digital” technology-based experienced hires); (2) total headcount (a reduction due to automation in both core and back-office business units); (3) employment arrangements (about 30 percent are expected to be contingent workers); and (4) location (approximately 25 percent of roles are predicted to be centralized in lower-wage jurisdictions and will provide services remotely).

This case study-based session will provide a practical application scenario to give experienced D&I practitioners an opportunity to equip themselves to help strategically navigate and guide the change in their organizations. Participants will be asked to lead a team to determine the implementation and transition strategy, and to provide the official narrative around D&I to guide the scenario.

Learning Outcomes (Practical experience to equip participants to think strategically and holistically around future workforce composition by):

  • Setting strategic objectives and goals for a desired composition
  • Identifying and defining leadership capabilities and skills required to successfully lead and manage the future workforce
  • Developing a genuinely inclusive narrative, grounded in the organization’s purpose, to guide the transformation

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