Communication Styles as a Window to Deeper Intercultural Effectiveness: Experiential Workshop to Energize, Expand Skills, and Navigate the Future

3-hour Seminars

Day 1

Session Code: SEM-E
When: April 10, 2018
Location/Room: 101 DE
Level: Intermediate
Track: Critical Employment Practices
Presenters: Dr. Basma Ibrahim DeVries, Concordia University; Ibrahim DeVries Consulting  |  Jon DeVries, Jr., DeVries Consulting


Workplace inclusion in these complex times requires heightened identity awareness, greater cultural sensitivities, and refined skills to bridge differences. Communication styles and cultural influences on those styles play a key role in learning to leverage differences for mutual relational satisfaction and productivity. A first step to greater intercultural competence is increased awareness (cognitive-level understanding); this workshop takes the next step, diving deep into understanding the five key motivating factors for various communication styles (including layers of context and values), and examining ways to expand one’s communication styles repertoire (identifying disconnections, practicing patience, developing strategies for leveraging differences) for mutual benefit (affective and behavioral levels).

This highly interactive session (80% audience activities/interaction/discussion, 20% presentation) engages participants in several unique intercultural learning activities (related to diverse communication styles, cultural values and dimensions, and barriers to inclusion). Workshop participants can expect to be creatively, experientially, and reflectively engaged.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Increase skills when exploring diversity, perceived vs. real inclusion, and intercultural similarities and differences.
  • Explore a new approach to communication styles as an entry point for deeper understanding of diversity and cultural differences.
  • Expand and strengthen design, adaptation, creativity, and facilitation skills by utilizing a variety of new tools and concepts.

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