Embracing Fear: Unity Through Movement

60-minute Stretch Workshops

Day 2

Session Code: S1-F
When: April 11, 2018
Location/Room: Marketplace Booth #913
Level: Introductory
Track: Innovation & Transformation
Presenter: Lisa Craig, Hyun & Associates


Our world is divided and polarized, and fear of the “other” has become an underlying current. Media and technology have “united” us in theory, but in reality, an intangible chasm has come between us. We have discarded our most primal mode of communication, the physical body, and replaced it with screens. This fear infiltrates our lives through the news and social media and clings to our bodies. It comes along with us into the workplace and we don’t have the support, the environment, or the courage to talk about it.

However, we can no longer allow fear to govern us. If talking about difference is taboo, maybe it needs an equally radical solution. We need to embrace what fear really means—that we are missing information. And our bodies are an incredible resource to allow this information to flow, if we just allow it to do so. Learning from the mediums of Contact Improvisation, Continuum Movement, and Dance Movement Therapy, we can learn to harness the genius of our bodies to listen and learn and receive the “other.” We do not have to agree with one another, but we can become united—not in fear, but in the hope of understanding. (No dance experience required, just a willingness to move physically.)

Learning Outcomes:

  • Self-care: A reconnection to one’s body—learning postures to help alleviate the stress we receive daily via screens
  • Harnessing emotion regulation through body language to create an environment of empathy and unity
  • Understanding doesn’t have to equal agreement—how to create opportunities to listen and create dialogues with our bodies

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