Global Panel to Expand Boundaries and Power Our Future Together

90-minute Workshops

Day 2

Session Code: S2-F
When: April 11, 2018
Location/Room: 200 E
Level: Intermediate
Track: Global Diversity
Presenters: Cris Carvalho, InterElo Consultoria  |  Dr. Niru Kumar, ASK Insights, New Delhi, India  |  Nene Molefi, Mandate Molefi HR Consultants CC  |  Farrah Qureshi, Global Diversity Practice  |  Dr. Alan Richter, QED Consulting


Despite recent “populist” movements, the world continues to interconnect, so the future must be inclusive globalization. We have so much to learn from one another, and no country or culture has a monopoly on D&I best practice—in fact the U.S. falls behind many other countries on important measures such as gender equality, transparency, human rights, etc. It’s time to share some best practices, trends, and stories from D&I successes overseas.

This session assembles some leading D&I practitioners from around the world—Africa, Latin America, Asia, and Europe—to share their experiences and insights. Through local case studies, the audience will become engaged in a journey of discovery to broaden their perspective and understanding of D&I within the global context. There will be time for Q&A to garner the combined wisdom of our esteemed panelists.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Insights from best practices in D&I around the world
  • Understanding key drivers, trends, and different approaches to D&I in global locations—comparing similarities and differences
  • Broadening perspectives through expanded boundaries

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