Solving for 5pm-9pm: Exploring Employer Roles Outside of the Workplace

20-minute Spotlight Sessions

Day 2

Session Code: Spotlight 4
When: April 11, 2018
Location/Room: Marketplace Spotlight Stage
Presenter: James C. Burroughs II, Children’s Minnesota


While employers focus on building diverse and inclusive workplaces, what happens after work, from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.? Traditionally, employers’ efforts have only extended to the confines of the office walls. But as labor shortages and a diversifying workforce reveal challenges with retaining professionals of color in the workplace and community, employers are realizing that it’s also an economic and moral imperative to examine the role they can play outside of the workplace.

In a survey of 1,200 professionals of color living and working in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul (MSP) region, 50 percent of survey respondents cited difficulties making meaningful connections and a dissatisfaction with the amount and quality of culturally specific amenities. These experiences have a real impact on the likelihood of retaining professionals of color.

Come explore how employers are working together through the Make It. MSP. initiative to build more social engagement and community-building opportunities for diverse talent.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn more about the data from professionals of color in the MSP region that is reshaping how to approach economic development.
  • Explore what it means for employers to play a role in social engagement and community-building, specifically looking at how to:
    – create authentic, culturally specific spaces
    – collaborate across companies and institutions
    – build a sustainable infrastructure for ongoing social engagement opportunities
  • Gain practical ideas and tips for how to fill the gap and support professionals of color outside of the workplace.

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