The Power of Difference: Unpacking Similarities and Contrasts in Asian and Latino American Cultures, Identities, and Leadership Journeys

3-hour Seminars

Day 1

Session Code: SEM-A
When: April 10, 2018
Location/Room: 200 GH
Level: Intermediate
Track: Critical Employment Practices
Presenters: Jane Hyun, Hyun & Associates Leadership Strategy  |  Dr. Bernardo Ferdman, Ferdman Consulting


Among U.S. minority groups, Latino Americans are the largest and Asian Americans are the fastest growing. Yet, organizations have not realized the best of their Latino and Asian talent. Both groups face challenges in achieving full inclusion, especially in avoiding stereotype threat, moving up the corporate ladder (e.g., the bamboo ceiling), and being represented on corporate boards, while encountering strong assimilation pressures and barriers in accessing influential roles.

This interactive session—grounded in our path-breaking work on culture in the workplace—will explore the similarities and differences in Asian and Latino cultures and experiences, the role of media images in shaping their reception at work, and the role of cultural values in leadership emergence. We will also illustrate how our identities develop, and share an exercise to help make sense of our cultural journeys. We’ll discuss implications for how to best engage Asian American and Latino talent and empower their success, without requiring them to give up their authentic cultural selves.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify two key insights about Asian Americans and Latinos to use to advocate for more effective inclusion strategies.
  • Develop your own cultural identity story, and use it to understand and engage others more authentically.
  • Acquire one strategy for flexing your style to more effectively work across cultural differences.

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