Today’s Hottest Skill for Working Across Boundaries: Curiosity and Inclusion

90-minute Workshops

Day 2

Session Code: S4-E
When: April 11, 2018
Location/Room: 200 IJ
Level: Introductory
Track: Leadership Development
Presenters: Dr. Cheryl E. Williams, Concordia University Irvine  |  Richard S. Spada, Novartis


This highly interactive workshop is designed to introduce participants to a skill that is often overlooked or not practiced but which serves as the linchpin for recognizing the need for cultural style switching and/or code switching: curiosity.

Awareness of the existence of unconscious biases, stereotypes, and prejudices may “ring the doorbell” to our need for inclusive thinking, but curiosity skills “open the door” to launch our behaviors. Curiosity seeks to recognize “why” things are the way they are, which leads to a more authentic behavioral change. People want to feel valued, heard, and respected and the behaviors that instill these concepts are often not spotted, causing cross-cultural confusion, conflict, and possibly danger. An effective model of global leadership is juxtaposed against the application of curiosity-seeking behaviors and effectively connect today’s global work platform with engagement, productivity, and creativity. This is critical to today’s workforce and business.

Based upon research conducted by the facilitators and their global experiences, participants will be introduced to a definition for global leadership, global mindset, and a new model, C.U.R.I.O.U.S., that helps set the stage for global effectiveness.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Introduce participants to the concept of working across boundaries as leaders in a workplace environment that celebrates the intersectionality of diversity.
  • Learn a new model, C.U.R.I.O.U.S., which comes from the principles of drive, need, and motivation to define skills that lead to one’s capability for becoming truly culturally competent.
  • Share insights on how curiosity and cultural competence connect and can assist in becoming a global leader.

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