Bias Blockers—Combating Implicit Bias at Work, Developing Resilience and Tactics to Overcome

90-minute Workshops

Day 3

Session Code: S6-C
When: April 18, 2019
Location/Room: 102 ABC
Level: Introductory
Track: Critical Employment Practices
Presenter: Bernard Coleman, Gusto


Implicit bias shows up every day, penetrating all levels of society—in our neighborhoods, places of worship, workplaces, and the like. Implicit bias has an outsized impact on us in more ways than we may realize. Often solutions are proffered for what organizations should do to battle bias, but what about the person experiencing implicit bias? Where are the tools for individuals?

This session will explore what implicit bias is, how it can impact individuals in the workplace, and bias-busting intervention strategies that can be deployed to help internalize resilience as well as tips to succeed.

Learning Outcomes
  1. Learn tips to help navigate implicit bias on a personal level as well as coaching techniques to help others develop and internalize resilience at work
  2. Gain skills for mastering and maximizing mindfulness
  3. Develop exercises to optimize for success

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