Exploratory Experiences: Utilizing Creative Training Methods to Build Empathy and Inclusion

90-minute Workshops

Day 2

Session Code: S3-B
When: April 17, 2019
Location/Room: 102 ABC
Level: Intermediate
Track: Critical Employment Practices
Presenter: Kimberly Dailey, Cook Ross, Inc.


We are currently experiencing a time of unprecedented division in our society. Greater gaps between individuals’ values and beliefs are causing toxicity, tribalism and silos in our communities and our workplaces. In order to foster diversity, equity and inclusion in our work environments, organizations need to incorporate training methods to build a greater sense of empathy among employees where all people’s beliefs and values are appreciated.

While traditional training methods can be useful for these endeavors, true inclusion demands a mindful and creative process to achieve these results. Utilizing more creative training techniques that engage both the left and the right brain are more likely to break down mental barriers between people and increase their ability to empathize with others. By utilizing exploratory experiences, employees are more engaged in the training process and are provided equal space for participation.

Participants in this session will be introduced to two creative training methods: The Four Corners method and Visual Projections. These techniques are designed to build greater self-awareness beyond physical identity characteristics (such as gender, race or age) and develop a better understanding of their own values and beliefs, their blind spots, and how their own values may affect those they manage or support.

Participants will engage in these training methods to deepen personal reflection and promote creative visioning by inviting, rather than forcing, transparency around sensitive issues; deepening empathy across differences beyond areas of personal identity; and creating a safe container to explore covert power dynamics.

Learning Outcomes
  1. Learn to invite, rather than force, transparency around sensitive issues
  2. Discover how to deepen empathy across difference beyond areas of personal identity
  3. Learn to create a safe container to explore covert power dynamics

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