Navigating Shifting Landscapes: Inclusion and Diversity and the Purpose-driven Organization

90-minute Workshops

Day 3

Session Code: S5-K
When: April 18, 2019
Location/Room: 101 DE
Level: Introductory
Track: Social Responsibility
Presenters: Amy DeVylder, Willis Towers Watson  |  Meg Paschall, Willis Towers Watson  |  Lindsay Stortz, Willis Towers Watson


Advancements in technology, shifting demographics, increased workforce mobility, the gig economy, and personalization are impacting the landscape of today’s workplace—and converging to not only exacerbate the current pace of change, but also place a greater focus on our purpose, culture, values, and the behaviors that underpin them all.

As organizations today seek innovative mind-sets and an agile, digitally enabled and diverse workforce, they look at the behaviors of purpose-driven organizations that demonstrate the importance of well-being, psychological safety, authenticity, and an inclusive and diverse mind-set. These factors not only matter to these organizations, but also lead to greater collaboration and ideation, as well as improved engagement, productivity, and financial performance.

While all of this is happening during a time when culture, well-being, and “healthy company policies” are top of mind for HR (as well as legal and compliance functions), organizations must determine how they can adopt this purpose-driven mind-set, infuse inclusive and diverse practices and ways of thinking, and build a culture of inclusion from the top down, ensuring leaders live out the organizational values.

In this workshop session, Amy, Meg, and Lindsay will highlight the importance of inclusion and diversity for the evolved organization. Based on their work with innovative, disruptive, and early-adopting CHROs, they will share how companies are acting on their purpose-driven objectives to further support today’s evolving mind-set, the overall talent experience, and the pursuit of inclusion.

The session will demonstrate how to evolve inclusion and diversity from a philosophy to a business imperative—exhibiting the value for all stakeholders. This session will include an open, facilitated discussion. Participants will walk away with tips and action steps for what they can do differently within their own organizations.

Learning Outcomes
  1. Build understanding around the connections between purpose-driven organizations, employee well-being, and a culture of inclusion
  2. Learn how to help shape and evolve organizational thinking and culture toward inclusion as a business imperative
  3. Develop actionable ideas to take back to work

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