Signals from the Edge: Diversity at the Speed of Culture

Main Stage General Sessions

Day 2

When: April 17, 2019
Location/Room: Exhibit Hall B
Presenters: Kendra Clarke, sparks & honey  |  Elfi Martinez, Jennifer Brown Consulting


Workplace Inclusion is a phrase that flows freely in an increasing number of organizations embracing diversity as essential to doing business, yet actualizing workplace inclusion is more challenging than ever. Rapid changes in technology — job automation, artificial intelligence, impact of tech on our physiology and social discourse, virtual and augmented reality — have the potential to both accelerate, and damage, our progress on this journey. Likewise, in these times of intense socio-political dynamics, never have essential aspects like human experience, wisdom and insight been so critical.

Many organizations are being tested, caught in the paradox of drawing out diverse thinking while fostering collaborative and effective problem solving around issues such as race, ethnicity, ability, religion, politics, intelligence and gender equity gaps, to name a few. Increasingly ubiquitous technology can both accelerate the skills of inclusive leaders everywhere, as well as magnify failures and amplify harmful biases if not balanced by an unrelenting focus on the essential humanity that drives every workplace.

Join Kendra Clarke, Vice President of Data Science and Product Development at sparks & honey, and Elfi Martinez, Senior Director at Jennifer Brown Consulting, for a fast-paced, real-time journey through some of the latest data, research, and emerging practices about bridging the gaps between tech and belonging.

Learning Pillar: What is required to bridge the gap between technology (robotics, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality, etc.) and human experience, wisdom and insight?



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