The Science of Mentoring for Inclusion

60-minute Workshops

Learning Labs

Day 2

Session Code: S1-H
When: April 17, 2019
Location/Room: 101 DE
Level: Introductory
Track: Innovation & Transformation
Presenter: Shavon Lindley, ion Learning


Trust and psychological safety are the precursors to inclusion. These feelings cannot be taught, and they take time to develop.

During this session, you will discover a neuroscience-based mentoring method that creates a scalable and supportive environment which is necessary for us to feel safe. Then we’re able to share our story and learn to recognize, value and integrate our diverse perspectives and experiences—which will assist in creating an inclusive culture faster.

Learning Outcomes
  1. Discover research that illuminates gaps in current mentoring models and how this secretly affects the success of your D&I efforts
  2. Learn a mentoring model designed to scale and integrate inclusion initiatives faster
  3. Take away a guide that will support your implementation of the new model


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Photos by Sarah Morreim Photography
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