Wunderkammers: Community Career Exploratoriums – Re-imagining the Job Fair Experience

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Presenters: Paul Kramer, Sundance Family Foundation  |  Peg Thomas, Sundance Family Foundation


Job Fairs are not fair. This session will explore the Wunderkammer model of community career recruitment — a more inclusive and interactive job fair. Named after the forerunner to the modern museum, the Wunderkammer is a space for job seekers to explore previously dismissed or invisible opportunities. It is also a space for employers to expose potential applicants to aspects of their fields and connect with new talent pools. How would you know you want to put together a thermostat if you’ve never tried it? In this session we will look at the need for a change in the area of employee recruitment, but we will also walk participants through the lessons and best practices we have developed over this three-year project. Organizations that represent both job providers and job seeking are encouraged to attend this session. As well as general community organizations. This is a cooperative model of economic development that places communities in the supply side of the economic equation, and helps mediate the needs of all parties. This session will span the spectrum from program vision to event logistics and budgeting. We hope you can join us.

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Photos by Sarah Morreim Photography
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