32nd Annual Conference

March 10-12, 2020

Minneapolis Convention Center, Minnesota

Our three-day flagship event, the annual conference, is our premier learning opportunity at the cutting-edge of the diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) landscape.

The annual conference is HRCI and SHRM Continuing Education Credit (CEU) eligible.

Conference Quick Facts


March 10 – 12, 2020


Minneapolis Convention Center
1301 2nd Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55403


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About this Year’s Conference

Developing Our Conference Theme

Each year, through research and analysis, we – The Forum – identify current and emerging trends across the global business landscape. After rounds of vetting and re-tooling, a conference theme is determined. From the conference theme, four Learning Pillars are created to help bring the conference theme to life. 

What’s the Purpose of a Conference Theme?

The conference theme is the guiding source for all of the content and programing during the conference year – both identifying current and emerging trends as well as pushing new conversations and thinking in the DEI space. Hours, days, and months were spent in researching and creating the conference theme and Learning Pillars. We encourage everyone to utilize them in your own workplace or where you find value either before, during, or after the conference.

2020 Conference Theme: Facing Forward

A new decade brings challenges that demand new solutions to meet the diverse needs of changing markets, customers, and talent. With eyes on the future, leaders must be open to shifts in their approaches to addressing workplace issues and more—they must be willing to learn from those who bring different ideas, experiences and perspectives.

Equipping our workforce with the diversity, equity, and inclusion skills needed to sustain our businesses into the future requires forward-facing and innovative thinking focused on both local and global solutions. It requires the agility to adapt to the digital environment, commit to global citizenship, and engender new ways of working together to deliver relevant products and services and create spaces where a diverse body of talent can thrive.

The Learning Pillars

Future Fluency

Knowledge to stay relevant and keep pace with rapid change

What must we do to be knowledgeable about the future and keep pace with change so our inclusion solutions are not outdated by the time we implement them?

Global Citizenship

Whole-world sensibilities and responsibilities

How can we ensure our practices and solutions meet local needs while exercising a global sensibility and responsibility?

Universal Innovation

Better solutions to meet expanding diversity, equity, and inclusion needs

With multiple dimensions of diversity in mind, how can we bring about innovative solutions to meet universal needs?

New Perspectives

Evolving our pasts to inform the future

In an attempt to expand the narrative, how do we honor the history of our individual and collective experiences and invite new perspectives with the goal of moving forward together to inform the future?

The Forum on Workplace Inclusion® annual conference is the nation’s largest workplace diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) conference designed for a national & global audience.

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Who Attends the Annual Conference?

Below is a breakdown of who attended our 2019 annual conference: Bridging the Gap. Want to learn more about about our 2019 conference?

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What else does the Forum do?

The Forum on Workplace Inclusion® – or The Forum for short – operates as an organization offering a wide variety of events, programs, and resources in addition to our flagship event – the annual conference. So who is The Forum, and what else does The Forum do? Click to find out more!

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