32nd Annual Conference

March 10-12, 2020

Minneapolis Convention Center, Minnesota

Moving from Inclusion to Expansion: Leaders Stretching Out of Their Comfort Zones

90-minute Workshops

Day 3

Session Code: S6-H
When: March 12, 2020
Location/Room: L100JIH
Level: Intermediate
Track: Leadership Development
Presenters: Shilpa Alimchandani, Mookti Consulting  |  Maria Morukian, MSM Global Consulting


In today’s rapidly changing work environments, leaders need to develop the openness and agility to challenge existing beliefs, disrupt personal biases, and actively advocate for a fair and respectful organizational culture. It is therefore imperative for leaders to engage not only in inclusive but expansive behaviors.

Expansion is the practice of building community across differences by broadening and deepening social networks. Whereas inclusion involves respecting and valuing diverse perspectives within an organization, expansion involves intentionally seeking out divergent ways of thinking to challenge existing mind-sets. Expansion involves leaving the table to seek out missing voices, questioning the shape and location of the table, and challenging the dominant organizational culture.

In this interactive session, participants will learn leadership and intercultural adjustment skills that will prepare them to expand, diversify and deepen their social networks.

Learning Outcomes
  • Define the concept of expansion and its relationship to diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Assess the biases, gaps, and overdependencies that may exist in one’s social network
  • Develop strategies for expanding and diversifying one’s social network

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