32nd Annual Conference

March 10-12, 2020

Minneapolis Convention Center, Minnesota

Global Citizenship: Not One Story

Main Stage General Sessions

Day 3

When: March 12, 2020
Location/Room: Exhibit Hall A
Track: Global Diversity
Presenters: Adel El-Huni, Katalyze  |  Antoine Hunter, Urban Jazz Dance Company  |  Zahna Simon, Zahna Simon Dancers  |  tony the scribe  |  Kyle “Guante” Tran Myhre


“Think global, act local” is a phrase often thrown about when organizations adopt what they believe to be a global citizenship mentality. But what does that mean? Better understanding the impact of our actions in a global context requires stretching our knowledge of adversities we can’t even imagine, let alone experience.

Keynote speaker, former banker, and future focused thought leader Adel El-Huni shares a story of deep learning that has come from straddling two worlds—the Middle East and the American Midwest. He is joined onstage by performance artists who open our senses in ways that deepen listening around what it takes to engender global citizenship in ourselves and others.

Webinar Video

Webinar Video

Webinar Video

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