33rd Annual Conference

March 8-12, 2021


A New Lens for Revealing Unconscious Bias

75-minute Workshops

Day 4

Session Code: AW3-B
When: March 11, 2021
Level: Intermediate
Track: Diversity Leadership
Presenter: Dr. Kanu Kogod, Bridges in Organizations, Inc.
Prerequisite: An understanding of unconscious bias, microaggressions, triggers, amygdala hijack, collective leadership; familiarity with the concepts of power and privilege as they play out in current events.


In the midst of this great upheaval some are calling the Third Reconstruction, are we willing to do the inner work required to ride the waves of change and co-create the world as we wish it to be? In what ways can we become more sensitive to the dire need we have as a society to heal the guilt-, anger- and fear-wounds of white supremacy and systemic racism — two sides of the same coin?

Freedom from our collective histories and experiences of injustice, oppression and inequity begins with quietly reflecting on the biases we each have about ourselves and others. This is inner work leading to freedom from inside out.

Learn a powerful new framework for looking at bias through the lens of energy. In the past, we looked at bias in action through the lens of microaggressions. Go beneath the actions and the emotions of triggers to discover within ourselves the energies feeding biases — push, pull, stop and allow. Gain insight into your patterns and a mindful practice for conscious choice.

Learning Outcomes

• Learn how four elemental energies of push, pull, stop and allow are the basis of all social interaction
• Discover your own habitual patterns of energy to enhance your repertoire in challenging situations
• Practice a conscious constructive inquiry process for embodied self-awareness and intuitive knowing

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