33rd Annual Conference

March 8-12, 2021


Cultivating an Inclusive and Equitable Workplace by Leveraging Cultural and Linguistic Competence

75-minute Workshops

Day 2

Session Code: S3-B
When: March 9, 2021
Level: Intermediate
Track: DEI Strategy
Presenters: Dr. Karen Francis, American Institutes for Research (AIR)  |  Cecilia Newman, American Institutes for Research (AIR)  |  Dr. Tammie Causey-Konaté, American Institutes for Research (AIR)  |  Dr. Wehmah Jones, American Institutes for Research (AIR)  |  Dr. Robyn Madison-Harris, American Institutes for Research (AIR)


From the COVID-19 pandemic to protests against systemic racism, the events of 2020 have made people more aware of the inequities in our society. To rectify these inequities, organizations across industries should be promoting authentic integration of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) throughout their daily operations and work environment. The American Institutes for Research (AIR) has developed standards for cultural and linguistic competence (CLC) to be incorporated into projects, research, and operations.

During this workshop, AIR will share approaches on how CLC has been woven into everyday operations to promote equity at work and in the communities AIR serves, as well as promoting sustainable growth and impact. Participants will receive resources and tools to develop their own CLC strategies and embed them into their workplace.

Learning Outcomes

• Define how CLC strategies create inclusion and equity and promote sustainable organizational growth
• Understand the importance of developing standards for CLC within an organization
• Define how data-driven approaches can be used to guide the effective implementation of CLC

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