33rd Annual Conference

March 8-12, 2021


More than a Feeling: How to Make Inclusion Measurable

Half Day Featured Sessions

Day 2

Session Code: FS-1
When: March 9, 2021
Level: Advanced
Track: DEI Strategy
Presenter: Elizabeth N. Laine, Clearway Energy Group
Prerequisite: Attendees should have D&I goals at their companies or are doing work to operationalize processes that support DE&I.


Historically, tech companies have focused on diversity rather than inclusion, because it is easy to quantify. But inclusion is more than “a feeling of belonging” — it is a set of behaviors that can be measured, tracked and improved over time. Despite tech’s focus on diversity recruiting, underrepresented groups are leaving these companies in droves. Diversity talent acquisition costs are increasing, yet representation has remained stagnant for nearly a decade in this vicious cycle.

It’s time to take a different approach and recognize that when the canary in the coal mine stops singing, the answer isn’t to throw 50 more canaries into the mine after it. Instead, it’s to realize the environment is unsafe and take steps to correct it. In this session, award-winning DE&I leader Elizabeth N. Laine will teach a proven approach to assess, define, target and track inclusion behaviors so underrepresented groups can be empowered and stop experiencing failure to thrive.

• Discuss the challenge of measuring DEI and establish context for the problem
• Group discussion of how your companies approach measuring DEI and pain points
• How to define inclusion behaviorally and the benefits of approaching it in that manner
• Small group workshopping of values-aligned inclusion behaviors
• Discussion of workshopping results
• Small group workshopping of inclusion behavioral competencies and KPIs based on the results of the previous workshopping session
• Final debrief and future-forward discussion

Learning Outcomes

• Define and assess inclusion behaviors / inclusion KPIs based on organizational values
• Measure and track inclusion behaviors and inclusion KPIs
• Iterate with cutting-edge approaches to increasing inclusion behaviors

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