33rd Annual Conference

March 8-12, 2021


Why Your Internship/Co-Op/Apprenticeship/Recruiting Program Isn’t Equitable and How You Can Fix It

20-minute Trend Talk

Day 2

Session Code: TT-3B
When: March 9, 2021
Level: Introductory
Track: DEI Strategy
Presenter: Michele Aymold, Parker Dewey


Too many of America’s underserved groups are either unemployed or underemployed — even if they have a college education. The lack of a pathway from college to career is a major contributor to the economic insecurity that continues to plague these disenfranchised communities. Un- and underemployment doesn’t just hurt these would-be workers now; it can depress their earnings for years into the future due to the lack of opportunity to gain professional work experience, make professional connections, and develop skills.

In spite of corporate diversity hiring initiatives and an increased interest in experiential learning by employers, these degree holders are still overlooked or sidetracked because they don’t have the right academic pedigree, connections, accent, or skin color. But there is a scalable solution that has been growing during the past five years.

Join us to learn how micro-internships — short-term, paid, professional projects — provide equitable access to professional opportunities.

Learning Outcomes

• Discover expanding access to professional roles for those that may otherwise be filtered out
• Identify how to create opportunities that build confidence for students to explore professional roles
• Learn ways to overcome financial and situational constraints such as inability to travel or work for free

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