33rd Annual Conference

March 8-12, 2021


Why You’re Losing Your Black Female Employees

20-minute Trend Talk

Day 1

Session Code: TT-1A
When: March 8, 2021
Level: Intermediate
Track: Critical Employment Practices
Presenter: Amber Joiner-Hill, Magnolia Detroit Consulting LLC (MDC)


As companies finally start to have conversations around racial equity, it is crucial that a spotlight be put on the particularly unique experiences of Black women in professional spaces. They experience racial and gender discrimination, are often pressured to speak for an entire racial community, and are paid 62 cents for every dollar that their white male counterparts are paid. Often, Black women absorb microaggressions while still holding their heads high and trying to do their jobs well. Their mental (and sometimes physical) health is negatively affected, and as a result, their work quality is likely to decline. So, the fact that Black women are the fastest growing group of new entrepreneurs is likely not a coincidence.

In this session, we will put a spotlight on the daily transgressions that Black women often deal with in the workspace, the real impacts that they have, and what employers need to do about it if they want to retain their workforce.

Learning Outcomes

• Increased understanding of the experiences that Black women have when working in a PWI (predominantly white institution)
• Strategies for Black women on how to navigate working in a PWI
• Action employers will take to create a workplace in which Black women want to work

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