35th Annual Conference

March 27-29, 2023


Diverse Talent Heading for the Exit? Three Must-Have Success Strategies to Engage and Retain Them

Spotlight Series

Day 1

Session Code: SL-1
When: April 5, 2022
Level: Intermediate
Track: DEI Strategy
Presenter: Renu Sachdeva, Talking Talent


You want to keep your diverse talent, but do they even want to be kept? Many organizations have focused on diversifying their organizations through recruitment, but a diverse staff doesn’t automatically equal an inclusive culture. This session will help HR leaders and organizations build skills and develop behaviors needed to retain ethnically diverse talent. You will also learn how to amplify and sustain learning to create more inclusive cultures.

This session will go beyond recruiting to developing and retaining ethnically diverse employees, measuring outcomes, and sustaining change within an organization. Attendees will be equipped with the skills and tools to identify real root causes of inequity in their organizations and will learn how to inspire and implement behavior changes needed to build a truly inclusive culture.

Learning Outcomes

• Understand how to balance inclusion and belonging with the push for diverse representation
• Learn how to leverage intersectionality when creating goals and measuring outcomes
• Identify and address the real root causes so change is measurable and sustainable

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