35th Annual Conference

March 27-29, 2023


ERGs Can’t Do It Alone: Critical Success Factors and Avoiding Common Traps

Featured Sessions

Day 1

Session Code: FS-1A
When: April 5, 2022
Level: Intermediate
Track: DEI Strategy
Presenters: Valerie Davis-Howard, The Kaleel Jamison Consulting Group, Inc.  |  Frederick A. Miller, The Kaleel Jamison Consulting Group, Inc.


When employee resource groups (ERGs) are appropriately positioned and included in a culture-change process, they can be an asset and an accelerant, but they can’t do it alone. To be most effective, they must be part of a change effort, not the entire strategy.

In this featured session, we will explore in detail the six traps that diminish ERG effectiveness and discuss how to mitigate those traps. We will also discuss the factors critical for success of ERGs themselves as components of a larger inclusion and diversity strategy.

Participants will reflect on their organizational strategies for ERGs, consider how to better position them for success, identify where ERGs are susceptible to the traps, and what actions need to be taken or who needs to be involved to avoid or move past those traps.

Learning Outcomes

• Learn how to support ERG success, whether you’re an ERG member, a manager, or leading a D&I effort
• Explore mindsets the organization has about ERGs and what actions are needed to reframe them
• Assess ERG support: What clarity, sponsorship, and collaboration are needed from leaders, HR, and others?


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