35th Annual Conference

March 27-29, 2023


What’s Your Product Inclusivity Score?

90-minute Workshops

Day 3

Session Code: S5-D
When: April 7, 2022
Level: Intermediate
Track: Innovation & Transformation
Presenters: Karen Passmore, Predictive UX  |  Jen Segovia, Predictive UX


You’ve worked hard to ensure that your workplace is diverse, equitable, and inclusive, but what about your digital products? Do employees feel a sense of inclusion or exclusion when using your intranet? Are your customers truly seen and heard while engaging with your mobile app? Human-centered design is BROKEN if it’s not inclusive and intersectional!

Join us to learn how to evaluate your technology with a DEI scorecard by combining traditional design thinking with DEI principles to ensure that your products are serving all your customers.

Learning Outcomes

• Pair design thinking with DEI methodologies to implement inclusivity in digital products
• Apply the maturity model framework to score digital products and create a roadmap for improvement
• Establish a “digital circle of excellence” for continuous improvement

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Photos by Sarah Morreim Photography
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