35th Annual Conference

March 27-29, 2023


How Immersive Learning Is the Key to Advancing Inclusive Leadership

90-minute Workshops

Day 1

Session Code: S1-D
When: March 27, 2023
Level: Intermediate
Track: Diversity Leadership
Industry Designation: Technology
Presenter: Gwen Baker, Mursion


In today’s rapidly transforming workplace, the need to develop robust, relevant, and resonant diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging programs is a chief concern for many organizations. Serving diverse staffs and customer bases requires great care and sensitivity, and many business leaders often feel overwhelmed.

Immersive learning, such as through avatar-centered artificial intelligence platforms, has been proven to provide learners with measurable-skills acquisition and a company-wide DEI language that encourages productive interactions and builds confidence and trust across organizations. Via immersive simulations that evoke recognizable workplace scenarios, learners can participate in challenging conversations that mirror actual workplace situations and repeatedly practice the human skills that lead to more inclusive and equitable environments.

As the workplace landscape continues to shift and evolve, inclusivity continues to be at the forefront of what the future of work looks like across industries and job functions. This vital session will share powerful examples from top companies that are already putting words to action and setting the trends of tomorrow to not only develop their leaders, but to develop them into leaders on the path to inclusivity.

Learning Outcomes:

• Learn the most in-demand leadership skills for building inclusive workplaces and how companies are delivering and measuring their DEI&B initiatives
• Explore how technology is playing an essential role in shaping inclusive leaders for today and the future
• Discover what immersive practice is and how to implement these impactful learning platforms in your own organization to power your DEI&B initiatives

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