35th Annual Conference

March 27-29, 2023


How to Drive Neurodiversity and Disability Inclusion in the Workplace

90-minute Workshops

Day 2

Session Code: S4-B
When: March 28, 2023
Level: Intermediate
Track: Critical Employment Practices
Industry Designation: Accessibility
Industry Designation: Technology
Presenters: James Deignan, Texthelp  |  Tracy L. Bradley, IDEX Corporation  |  Dr. Tamara Fletcher, CDW


This interactive session will review what neurodiversity is, how we can engage with and support colleagues using technology and other tools, and share real-life examples and strategies.

Texthelp’s accessibility and inclusion specialist James Deignan will briefly set the context for our talk by setting the stage for what neurodiversity and disability are, how they manifest, and workplace barriers for inclusion, using his own lived experience as an ADHD employee.

Next, Tracy Bradley, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion manager at IDEX Corporation, and Tamara Fletcher, director of Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Advancement at CDW, will both present on their experience supporting neurodiversity and disability at work, sharing lived experiences, what’s worked, what hasn’t worked, and best practices.

Finally, Texthelp’s James Deignan will review the role of technology in embracing and supporting these efforts. Hear how companies such as KPMG, EY, and others are leading the way in this space.

The session will finish with an audience Q&A.

Learning Outcomes:

• Present and review terminology and key concepts related to neurodiversity
• Understand the benefits of a neurodiverse workforce and how technology can help the experience
• Describe strategies for supporting neurodiversity within the workplace

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