35th Annual Conference

March 27-29, 2023


How Workplaces can take Collective Action to Bridge the Gender Gap

20-minute Trend Talk

Day 3

Session Code: TT-12
When: March 29, 2023
Level: Introductory
Track: DEI Strategy
Presenter: Miloney Thakrar, Mind the Gender Gap, Inc.


The time it will take to close the gender gap grew by 36 years in just 12 months, according to the World Economic Forum’s “Global Gender Gap Report 2021.” It will now take an estimated 135.6 years for men and women to reach parity. Recent trends have shown progress in some areas and reversal of progress in others.

This talk highlights key factors that have attributed to the gender gap. It concludes with how workplaces can take collective action to proactively bridge the gender gap.

Learning Outcomes:

• Gain a better understanding of recent global trends regarding the gender gap
• Acquire insight into how the ongoing pandemic has impacted the gender gap
• Learn a few key strategies for how workplaces can take collective action to bridge the gender gap

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