35th Annual Conference

March 27-29, 2023


Inclusive Hiring and Internal Mobility Planning

Spotlight Series

Day 3

Session Code: SL-5
When: March 29, 2023
Level: Intermediate
Track: DEI Strategy
Industry Designation: Healthcare
Presenter: Ashley Casiello, UChicago Medicine


This session will provide a detailed look at how UChicago Medicine has developed both externally and internally driven strategies to diversify talent pools and build a stronger, more resilient, and inclusive workforce. The volatile job market has emphasized the need to uncover new or underdeveloped sources of talent, and the need to understand the causes of turnover. Our exit surveys confirm that the number one reason for employee turnover is the lack of growth opportunities and career development.

The focus of the presentation will be on three workforce development programs that reach into untraditional talent markets and provide career development opportunities. We’ll uncover how a grant-funded partnership with a local organization supporting people with disabilities led to changes in hiring and onboarding practices, and ultimately helped UChicago Medicine develop a new pipeline of talent with the disability community, resulting in stronger retention rates. Additionally, we will share insights into the implementation of career development and career readiness training for incumbents, with a specific focus on targeting diverse frontline employees. These programs aim to remove knowledge, skill, and mentorship barriers to achieving internal advancement.

This presentation will focus on the development of these programs — why they were initiated, how they were developed, and what success has looked like for our program participants.

Learning Outcomes:

• Learn how to implement processes and referral pipelines that will diversify candidate pipelines and reduce or eliminate barriers to hiring and retaining people with disabilities.
• Learn how to pinpoint the skill gaps within your organization to develop training programs that promote internal mobility and aim to enhance workforce diversity.
• Learn how to strengthen employees’ commitment to the organization through career development opportunities.

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