35th Annual Conference

March 27-29, 2023


Increasing Inclusive Leadership Competencies: Integrating BrainStates and Intercultural Development

75-minute Workshop

Day 2

Session Code: VS-9
When: March 28, 2023
Level: Intermediate
Track: Diversity Leadership
Presenters: Christina Lincicome, SAIF Corporation  |  Shannon Murphy, BrainSkills@Work


Highly skilled inclusive leaders are paramount in driving organizational change and improved DEI outcomes and results. Join this session to learn how SAIF Corporation developed a new approach to DEI leadership development by creating an Inclusive Leadership Certification (ILC) as a requirement for all leaders. The ILC focuses on building inclusive leadership skills that are centered in the BrainStates Awareness Profile paired with the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI).

We will discuss the benefits of centering leadership skills around BrainStates and the IDI and how the organization set leadership competencies based on these skills and measured outcomes. We will share emerging trends after the initial launch, noting a direct correlation to the level of engagement of employees and leaders who sustain higher BrainStates. This new approach is being expanded and used to inform how the organization is also measuring the resiliency of its workforce.

Leveraging the neuroscience of inclusion is helping leaders understand the risks associated with unconscious biases, prejudice, and lack of psychological safety. When leaders spend a greater part of their time in higher brain states and, in turn, are open to cultural difference, they create safe, thriving places for employees to do their best work.

Learning Outcomes:

• Gain insight into the innovative Inclusive Leadership Certificate for DEI leadership development and how it is structured
• Understand how the BrainStates Awareness Profile and the Intercultural Development Inventory are integrated and underlie leadership development
• Learn what key competencies are identified, and how they are developed and measured

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