35th Annual Conference

March 27-29, 2023


Life-Changing Diversity Training

Featured Sessions

Day 1

Session Code: FS-1C
Time: March 27, 2023 12:30 pm CT
Level: Intermediate
Track: Innovation & Transformation
Presenters: Dr. James Rodgers, J O Rodgers  |  Laura Kangas, RiverBend Associates
Prerequisite: This session assumes a basic knowledge of DEI and will be most helpful for those already doing the work who want to add to their skill set, learn more innovative and ground-breaking approaches, and are interested in deeper DEI work.


Bursting with thought-provoking, challenging, fun, educational, stimulating, and innovative exercises designed to bring the DEI conversation and knowledge to a deeper level, the learning from this intermediate-level session will continue with you long after we depart.

Based on solid Adult Learning Principles, your passionate co-facilitators will lead participants through 90 minutes of interactive leading-edge exercises and activities that you will be able to share with your organization — and even friends and family! Tools will include things like the Perception Assumption Model, which establishes a common language for discussing biases, assumptions, and micro-aggressions. We will experience and discuss Adult Learning Theory, which makes participants want to come back for more! Tips on how to generate honest, authentic, and potentially life-changing discussions of racism and other -isms for breakthrough moments, ways to discuss DEI so business leaders can hear it and see the benefit, and strategies to “level the playing field” and develop trust will all be included as we progress through our time together.

Bring your hardest questions, deepest fears, and biggest challenges and we will work on them together. Experience transformative inclusive approaches that make the human connection and deepen DEI awareness and understanding.

Learning Outcomes

• Experience, learn, and use Adult Learning Principles for effective and powerful DEI training
• Learn and use the Perception Assumption Model to establish a common language that facilitates DEI dialog and creates trust
• Practice connecting DEI learning to business success and package your DEI message so business leaders can hear it

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