35th Annual Conference

March 27-29, 2023


One World Is Not Enough: Bridging DEIB, Interculturalism, and Social Justice

90-minute Workshops

Day 3

Session Code: VS-10
When: March 29, 2023
Level: Intermediate
Track: Social Responsibility
Industry Designation: Global Diversity
Presenters: Dr. Amer Ahmed, Global Inclusion Partners LLC  |  Dr. Joel Brown, Global Inclusion Partners LLC  |  Bert Vercamer, Global Inclusion Partners LLC
Prerequisite: Participants should have a working knowledge of DEIB, interculturalism, and social justice


The social reckoning of the past 10 years has presented us a unique opportunity as practitioners to address inequity in the world in a real and transformative way. Unfortunately, because of either/or thinking or pedagogical loyalty to the traditional frameworks we’ve inherited, the work of equity has failed to bridge the various corners of the practitioner world that would allow the work of equity to be facilitated evenly, competently, and effectively across the world.

As a result, this workshop’s team of presenters sought to create a new model that recognized those tensions, embraced the best of each strain of equity work, and fashioned a new model that would meet the demands of the 21st century communities. This workshop documents our team’s journey in this regard and shares our insights with our fellow practitioner community.

Learning Outcomes:

• Understand the core concepts and pedagogy related to global inclusion, and deconstruct the tensions between DEIB, interculturalism, and social justice
• Explore the implications for global inclusion from a personal, interpersonal, organizational, and systemic level
• Apply the learnings to real-world simulations and help you think practically about how you will embellish and enhance your practice

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