35th Annual Conference

March 27-29, 2023


Our Part in the Great Global Resignation

75-minute Workshop

Day 3

Session Code: VS-11
When: March 29, 2023
Level: Intermediate
Track: Critical Employment Practices
Presenters: Alma Ramos, Farzana Nayani | Consulting & Training  |  Farzana Nayani, Farzana Nayani | Consulting & Training  |  Garland Fuller, Level Up Inclusion Partners  |  Ebony Carter, Farzana Nayani | Consulting & Training


The great resignation has created a significant impact across all industries. The global COVID-19 pandemic, as well as continued unrest from marginalized communities, has transformed the way people work physically and how they view the support their job has (or has not) provided them.

When you think about your own company, has it made the necessary changes to support the human needs of its employees to show them their value?

Two panelists — HR experts from Level Up Inclusion Partners — tackle this issue and provide best practices to organizations on how to adapt and transform their workplaces, as well as understand the psychological impacts employees face in this new era of work. The two moderators will provide insights and prompt the conversation, as well as ask the audience (YOU) what your needs are to support your current team.

Learning Outcomes:

• Obtain high-level best practices on organization-wide communication, which is needed more than ever since the push from the pandemic
• Understand the role that everyone plays in the great resignation — every department and individual have an impact on retention
• Acquire holistic strategies on how companies recognize employees as whole people, that they are more than just their job role

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