35th Annual Conference

March 27-29, 2023


The Power of Employee Resource Groups for Building Community and Impact

20-minute Trend Talk

Day 2

Session Code: TT-1
When: March 28, 2023
Level: Introductory
Track: DEI Strategy
Presenters: Farzana Nayani, Farzana Nayani | Consulting & Training  |  Michelle Remoreras Watts, Google


This session provides an overview on the power of building employee resource groups (ERGs) to empower underrepresented employees and positively impact diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) efforts within organizations and in society at large.

In existence for decades, ERGs have evolved into powerful sources of employee activity and engagement. Organizations can leverage ERGs to support business goals, but ERGs can also play a critical role in creating a more inclusive work environment for marginalized individuals. ERGs represent a balance of serving company interests and empowering employees, offering the opportunity for innovative leadership within organizations.

Author Farzana Nayani will discuss highlights from her book “The Power of Employee Resource Groups: How People Create Authentic Change,” and ERG leader Michelle Remoreras Watts will discuss her experience co-creating a global ERG at a Fortune 100 company.

Learning Outcomes:

• Gain a deeper understanding of the power of ERGs to positively impact DEIB efforts within organizations and society at large
• Develop deeper knowledge of how ERGs can play a key role in creating a more inclusive work environment while supporting business goals
• Achieve a deeper understanding of how to start, structure, foster, and support ERGs

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