Graphic Recording from The Forum’s Annual Conference

To celebrate different learning styles, graphic artists were busy during the conference, actually drawing the content. Here's the overview of the conference. We also have graphic renditions of the Day 2 General Session and the think tanks. Thanks to INclusion ACTION...

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The Forum’s 35th Annual Conference Photo Essay

The Forum's amazing 35th Annual Conference was a visual feast, so we decided the summary would be much more fun as a show and tell. Please enjoy the photos, be inspired by the quotes, watch the three general sessions and apply the graphic concepts to your daily human...

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Messages From Beyond: The Power of Music with Nyttu Chongo

Community gatherings are often filled with the buzz of chatter, the energy of laughter, and a strong sense of togetherness. Growing up in the Gaza province of Mozambique, Nyttu Chongo remembered another important staple of these collectives –  The music.  “As a kid,...

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Meet Joanne Reeck, Interim Executive Director

Joanne Reeck joined The Forum as interim executive director in June 2023. Reeck brings an extraordinary body of knowledge and experience to this new role, in which she oversees Forum 365 programming, operations, and strategic planning.  Reeck’s work with The Forum...

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