Building a Diversity Program as an HR Professional

May 19, 2022

Presenter: Kari Heistad, Culture Coach International | Diversity Dashboard

Many human resources professionals are stepping into the diversity manager role for their organization. This can be a daunting proposition. This session will explore elements of a successful diversity program and the first steps to get started. We will look at ways to stretch budgets by creating building blocks that can expand as resources allow.

Topics will include forming a DEI council, finding diversity champions, forming ERGs, diversity communication tips, engaging senior leaders, and how DEI education can be more than classroom-based learning. We’ll also cover techniques and tools for working in the virtual and hybrid environments.

Learning Outcomes
  • Learn three tips for starting a DEI council
  • To ERG or not to ERG: Know the pros and cons to make an informed choice
  • Explore tools and techniques that are low budget and easy to implement
Additional Files

Handouts From Culture Coach International – Download
Webinar with Culture Coach International PPT – Download

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