Collective Intelligence: A New Paradigm for Inclusion

Mar 11, 2020

Session Code: Spotlight 7
When: March 11, 2020
Location/Room: Spotlight Stage
Presenters: Sebastien Meyer, The Zone  |  Dr. Sarah Froning Nodarse, Language and Culture Worldwide (LCW)

This Spotlight session offers a new perspective on the well-established idea that organizations should encourage bringing the whole self—all social identities and cultural backgrounds—to work. While laudable, the whole-self approach is limited because it assumes some level of inclusion already in the culture: Who would feel comfortable expressing marginalized identities otherwise?

The Zone offers a simple but powerfully effective approach rooted in a more universal model of the whole person. The Whole Person model posits that humans have intelligence greater than both IQ and EQ combined: the collective intelligence or CQ that is activated when a person uses not just the head and the heart, but also the gut, imagination and ability to take action grounded in solving real-world problems. When leaders can use their whole person and encourage everyone on the team to do so too, CQ is activated on an exponential scale to produce not only an inclusive team, but a high-performing one.

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Photos by Sarah Morreim Photography
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