33rd Annual Conference

MARCH 8-12, 2021


Forum Features

Each year, we introduce new and exciting features for all conference participants to experience. Learn more about these exciting Forum Features below.

The Forum on Workplace Inclusion® annual conference is the nation’s largest workplace diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) conference designed for a national & global audience.

Affinity Group Networking

Whether you are a first-time conference participant or seasoned Forum veteran, affinity group networking allows you to connect with industry or business resource group peers to discuss the most relevant DEI topics. Learn more.


Art & Wellness Workshops

Six workshop specifically dedicated to art and or wellness. Click on each session code to learn more.

AW1-A, AW1-B, AW2-A, AW2-B, AW3-A, AW3-B


Book Readings

Provocative readings by authors from their books published by Barrett Koehler. View sessions.


DEI Coaching

Our popular DEI Coaching Center has been re-tooled and reformatted for our virtual conference experience to give participants more options, greater access, and increased resources. You don’t want to miss this opportunity. Learn more.


Documentary Film Series

We will be featuring documentaries on Tuesday and Wednesday night with commentary from the film makers and a panel discussion by some of those featured in the films.

Our featured film of the series is A Breath for George, which is a collection of songs, interviews, monologues and short films honoring the life and death of George Floyd, those who have fallen before him, and those who continue to fall due to police brutality and systemic racism.

Click here to view all of the films in this series.


Forum Party

Moving from talk to action can be demanding and finding ways to connect and unwind with one another in ways that feed the soul are essential to our collective success. Learn more.


Half-Day Featured Sessions

Half day sessions providing a deeper look at the complex issues of inclusion measurement, organizational transformation, and the relationship between races. View sessions.


Higher Education Half Day Session

A half-day session focused specifically on the need for transformation in higher education. Learn more.


Innovation Sprint

The DEI innovation sprint, which takes place during the conference, is an opportunity to transform DEI challenges into real solutions. Select participants are placed into teams and guided through a facilited process (liken to a design sprint) to collaborate and build an innovative solution, which then gets presented in front of industry judges.


Morning and Afternoon Groundings

In this challenging, virtual world, these are opportunities to center your experience and help you focus away from your anxiety, fear, and uncertainty.

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