Navigating Spiritual, Religious and Worldview Diversity in the Workplace

When: December 7, 2023
Cost: $195
Level: Intermediate
Track: Innovation & Transformation
Presenter: Najeeba Syeed, Augsburg University

In this session participants will learn how to navigate religious, spiritual and worldview diversity in the workplace.

Some of the questions we will explore:

How can these differences serve as starting points for discussion and as assets in our workplaces?

What skills are needed to engage in nuanced, productive and complex conversations?

Learning Outcomes:

  • Better understand how religious, spiritual, and worldview diversity manifests in the workplace.
  • Learn the ways in which religious, spiritual, and worldview diversity benefits all institutions and organizations.
  • Explore methods to navigate effective conversations around religious, spiritual, and worldview diversity.

About The Forum’s Professional Development Labs
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About The Forum’s Action Planning Breakout Sessions
Unique to the Professional Development Lab learning experience, each PDL includes Action Planning Breakout Sessions. The Action Planning Breakout Sessions give individuals a chance to participate in small group work that results in having their own goal-oriented action plan to take what they learned at the PDL and apply it in their workplace or organization.

This session is eligible for SHRM and HRCI CEU credits.

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