Has Incivility in Society Arrived at the Workplace? What It Means and What We Do About It

When: March 1, 2018
Level: Introductory
Track: Social Responsibility
Presenter: Dr. Mitch Kusy, Antioch University

Narcissists, bullies, and clever chameleons “knock down, but kiss up.” They shame, manipulate, and polarize. We feel the angst they cause but are often not aware that 94% of 400+ leaders Dr. Kusy and his colleague studied reported working with a toxic person in the past 5 years. Why do we put up with them? And for so long?”

The answers to these questions and dozens more are the latest fuel for Mitch’s latest book—Why I Don’t Work Here Anymore: A Leader’s Guide to Offset the Financial and Emotional Costs of Toxic Employees. Intuition in handling toxic people is often proven wrong as these Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde chameleons know where their bread is buttered—easily escaping detection from those in power. Mitch’s heavily researched approaches demonstrate simply and clearly not only the “what, why, and how,” but also the “when” in terms of how to handle these tricky personas.

What about those 51% of employees who are likely to quit because of a toxic person and 12% actually do? Learn the answer to the number one question Mitch has received worldwide: How do I handle a toxic boss? These questions and more are handled with “kid gloves” that make a difference in establishing workplaces of everyday civliity—a mantra for all with no “ifs”, “ands” or “buts.”

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