34th Annual Conference

April 5-7, 2022


Frequently Asked Questions

Who attends?

Our annual conference consistently attracts attendees from over 400 organizations across a variety of industries. Click here to view our “By the Numbers” graphic for the 2021 conference.

How many people attend The Forum each year?

In 2021, 1,236 people participated, coming from 39 US states and 13 countries.

What organizations have attended The Forum in the past?

For an overview of organizations that participated in the 2021 conference, sorted by industry, click here.

Why commit and why attend The Forum?

The role of DEI is always evolving. People look to this community to make impactful, informed decisions. Attending The Forum’s annual conference is a way to support DEI work and advance your personal and professional growth. The Forum provides vital connections to industry experts and leaders. You will not only develop your skills and knowledge, but also be part of the ongoing conversation.

Even if you are not a DEI professional, creating an inclusive workplace is still a vital asset for employees. There are multiple opportunities at the conference to learn how to be an inclusive leader, no matter your role within your organization.

Convince Your Manager

How can I convince my manager that I should attend?

Here are a few tips for talking with your manager:

  • Explain how your entire team will benefit from the variety of insights found at the conference.
  • Emphasize that The Forum is the largest DEI conference in the world! Benefits include networking, interactive sessions and discussion, inspiring keynote speakers and active discussion that forges new approaches and best practices for DEI work. Our website includes an extensive archive of our past speakers you can share with your management team.
  • In addition, attendees will be able to view session recordings on-demand after the conference up to three months. If you’d like to share some videos about the event, click here.

Are there discount tickets available?

We strive to offer the best value for your money. Discounts are available upon request for government employees (25% off) healthcare workers (15% off) those in higher education (25% off) and nonprofit/small business employees (40% off; budget must be <$5 million to qualify). We also offer a discounted rate for groups of 5 or more upon request.

Please note that in addition to enjoying the full three-day conference, registrants will be able to view recordings of sessions on-demand post-conference!

Plan Your Conference Experience

How will I access the conference?

The 2022 conference will be entirely virtual, hosted on the platform Pathable. Once the virtual event platform has launched, registrants will receive an email containing a link to access the platform.

Can I pre-register for sessions?

You will be able to add sessions to your personal conference agenda on Pathable two weeks prior to the start of the conference. Click here for a general overview of the conference schedule. Note that some sessions may have limited capacity; these will be available on a first-come-first-served basis!

Why are there so many things happening at the same time?

We respect that everyone has their own learning style. Some prefer large-group discussion, whereas others want more intimate spaces. Some want a variety of topics and information, while others are focused on networking. In addition, our sessions are offered in three levels of learning and 12 different topic tracks. With so much diversity, it’s necessary to offer a multitude of options at once. If you find yourself torn between two or more concurrent sessions, remember that you will be able to view session recordings on-demand after the conference!

What are the levels of learning?

The Forum offers learning opportunities for participants at any stage of their DEI journey. Conference sessions are grouped into one of three levels of learning:

  • Introductory: Introduces basic building blocks and tactical applications.
  • Intermediate: Presents a more strategic application of the building blocks. Attendees should have experience with the challenges of a diverse workplace and the skills and tools needed to work within it.
  • Advanced: Offers discussion of strategic challenges, best practices, and innovative applications of the building blocks. Attendees should have subject matter expertise in diversity, equity and inclusion. Prerequisites may be required.

Will you offer any sort of orientation?

Closer to the start of the conference, we will provide an instructional web page and video tutorial explaining how to navigate our conference platform, Pathable. Additionally, technical support will be available throughout the conference should you encounter any difficulties.

What if I need special accommodations during the conference?

We strive to make our conference accessible to all. During registration, you will be asked to identify any accommodations you may require in order to fully participate. We carefully track your responses, and work to ensure that every need will be met.

Fees and Expenses

Are discounts available? What about group pricing? Can I attend just some of the days?

Yes, we offer select discounts and group pricing! Click here to learn more.

What if I am only able to attend one conference date?

With the purchase of the three-day virtual conference ticket, attendees will be able to view session recordings on-demand after the conference! This also means that if you are torn between attending two or more concurrent sessions, you won’t be missing any of the desired topics.

Can I share a single registration?

No. Each individual attending any part of the conference must register at the applicable rate.

Post Conference

How can I become a presenter in 2023?

Our next call for proposals will launch in Spring 2022. Please subscribe to our email list to be notified as soon as the process opens. Note that we generally receive twice the number of proposals that we can accept each year. We’d love to hear from you!

Is the conference Recorded? Can I watch things later that I missed?

Yes! Session recordings will be available on-demand to all registrants after the conference.

Can I receive copies of the seminar and workshop handouts?

Yes. Handouts will be posted to our website a few weeks prior to the conference. They will also be available as attachments during sessions. We leave handouts up on our website for a few months following the conference. Please visit our resources page for archived handouts.

How can I share an idea I have?

We’d love to hear from you! We’re available year round. Send your emails to workplaceforum@augsburg.edu, or call us at (612) 373-5994. Please remember that our small staff is very busy in the weeks leading up to the conference.

Media and Sponsorships

Do you have media partnerships available?

Yes. We do not have a paid media budget, so we welcome trades that offer The Forum relevant visibility and advertising in exchange for attendance or sponsorships. To discuss this further, please email workplaceforum@augsburg.edu, or call us at (612) 373-5994.

How do I get a press pass?

Contact us via email (workplaceforum@augsburg.edu) for information. We offer press registration to pre-approved media resources.

Why do companies sponsor The Forum?

The Forum on Workplace Inclusion is the largest DEI conference in the world! Sponsoring allows organizations to tell their stories, advise, and collaborate on this important work. There are a wide variety of sponsorship levels and branding opportunities available. Please contact Michael Graves (michael@inclusionaction.com).

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