Podcast Ep. 104: Weirdness in the Workplace: Disability Inclusion Is More than an Email

Oct 12, 2022

Despite progress in the area of disability inclusion, there are still daily examples in the workplace of attitudes, beliefs, and actions toward people with disabilities that are, in a word, weird. For example, a department director sends a company-wide email telling employees that a new employee with a disability is starting. A manager makes assumptions about a usually high-performing employee who suddenly begins to struggle. Or a presenter at a large meeting says they will project their voice rather than using a microphone.

This podcast episode features professionals who share their lived experiences of disability-related weirdness in the workplace. We will challenge listeners to explore attitudes and beliefs; discuss reactions to examples presented; and bring creativity, ideas, and expertise to develop strategies and resources to be shared. We will identify ways participants can help build a work culture that treats all people with respect.

Learning Outcomes
  • Recognize workplace behaviors that perpetuate isolation and segregation of people with disabilities.
  • Identify ways to build a workplace culture that treats all people with dignity and respect
  • Gain tools and resources to support initiatives to #stopmakingitweird in the workplace

Download transcript here

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