Podcast Ep. 106: Bridge Builders for Inclusion

Nov 10, 2022

Have you ever wondered how to make systems-wide organizational changes in DEI? When ERGs and training are not moving the needle on your DEI measures, you need a new organizational strategy. By identifying, assessing and developing already existing influencers in every department and at every level in your organization, you can begin to create a Bridge Builder program.

Bridge Builders become the linking agents to create stronger organizational communication and more effective collaborative social networks. This is a top-down and bottom-up generative approach to align and support your DEI efforts. In this podcast, Dr. Kanu Kogod will present two examples about how this strategy was implemented- one in a large pharmaceutical company and another at a national non-profit organization. You will be introduced to the four key skills and five roles of a Bridge Builder and the key elements in a Bridge Builder program.

Learning Outcomes
  • Discover a systemic strategy for DEI in uncertain environments based on social
  • Understand the four fundamental bridge- building skills and why they matter so much
    for success.
  • Learn how the five roles of a Bridge-Builder vary by interest, skill and need.

Four Skills of Bridge Builder – View PDF

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