Podcast Ep. 107: Thanksgiving Special Throw Back – You Hear or Say Something Offensive. Then What? Strategies for Increasing Your Effectiveness Around Diversity

Nov 23, 2022

Learning Outcomes

    •Identify key concepts to keep in mind when communicating across differences

    •Acquire effective strategies that will help take the adversity out of diversity dialogues

    •Develop an action plan for improving your effectiveness around diversity and building more inclusive work environments


      Nowadays, organizations are actively seeking to diversify their workforce, not only because of the impact of demographic changes but also because of the proven benefits diversity brings. Unfortunately, as our workplaces diversify, so does our level of discomfort in working across differences. Many of us feel unprepared for such encounters and, as a result, end up widening the diversity gap. For example, we may say something and unintentionally offend someone. Other times, we say nothing at all because we are afraid to say the wrong thing. We may also wish to take action when witnessing an act of intolerance but lack the skills to educate in an effective and respectful manner.

      In this podcast, you will gain understanding about how comments such as, “I don’t see color,” and many others impact coworkers despite good intentions, learn strategies to help increase your diversity skills and competence, and develop an action plan for improving your effectiveness around diversity.

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