Podcast Ep 110: Feedback: The Key to Retaining Your Frontline Supply Chain Workforce

Jan 26, 2023


Learning Outcomes 
  1. New data from WorkStep about the #1 reason for supply chain worker turnover.
  2. Companies awareness of the issues.
  3. What companies can do to overcome the workforce shortage.

New research from WorkStep – a hiring and retention platform for supply chain – found that 77% of frontline employees are considering new roles in the next three months.
Historic employee turnover continues to plague businesses operating in the supply chain. WorkStep’s looks at the top factors contributing to employee dissatisfaction, as well as other key themes: The Great Resignation is far from over. Aside from more than three-quarters of respondents saying they plan to explore a new role, the data also found: 46% have been in their current roles for less than one year 54% have switched jobs in the past year
Despite record high turnover, management teams rarely, if ever, ask for feedback from their frontline supply chain workforce.
41% of respondents said management never seeks feedback
8% say they’re asked to provide feedback once a year
For the employees that get to provide feedback, 70% say their voices aren’t being heard.
CEO and co-founder of WorkStep founded WorkStep to help companies empower their frontline workers. The supply chain is a struggling industry that will not recover if these workers continue to be disregarded.

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